Is your house killing you?

Air Conditions can contain Bacteria, Dust and even virusesKeeping your Air-Conditioning clean is critically important for your family's health.

One cause of indoor air contamination is due to bacterial and fungal contamination of air filters within air-conditioning systems that are poorly maintained.

Air passes through dust filters prior to being cooled at the cooling coil and blown out from the air conditioner. Dust filters are usually intended to remove larger particles that would foul the cooling coil and aren't effective at removing small airborne particles. As the dust particles are trapped by the filter, they form a layer that reduces the air flow. If this collected dust becomes moist it provides nutrients for fungi and mould to grow inside the air conditioner. When air cools at the coil, it drops moisture to the coil surface and if the air conditioned is not clean it prevents this condensed water to drain away, which a perfect condition for fungi and bacteria to grow. This starts a chain reaction because air that is being circulated through your air-con system can release the fungi, mould spores, bacteria and odorous VOCs which contaminates the air you and your family is breathing in.

Regular maintenance of air-conditioning systems can detect and prevent these problems.

Air-conditioning units should be inspected regularly to ensure there is no excessive dust build-up. In some cases, the mould and fungi build-up can be seen without opening the Air conditioner unit, if this is the case call an air conditioner specialist to fix the cause of the condensation and to a comprehensive cleaning of the air conditioner. Do not try to remove mould and fungi yourself, mould can be highly toxic and if in large quantities should always be handled by a professional. Bleach doesn't kill mould, but make it invisible whilst also feeding it.

If you do nothing, your air conditioner will continue to release odorous gases and fungal spores, which can impact respiratory health, such as flu-like symptoms, asthma, respiratory tract infections, allergic reactions and toxic reactions.

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