Andre Vogel, Start-up & Completions Specialist, Bumi Armada
Bumi Armada

We are an Expat family living in KL, we moved into a new apartment and as could be expected we had some minor issues with things not functioning correctly, more specifically the Air conditioning unit(s), initially gas was leaking and the people/company could not find the leak, after numerous attempts this was repaired. It was very frustrating times as companies makes appointments for specific times and then turn up hour(s) late or not at all!!! We searched the Internet and came across a company named AAA-FixIt, they arrived at our place, on-time, service was done very professionally and the workers were very helpful and friendly. Since then we have only been using this company for all our Air conditioning servicing and also Water heater problems, I recommended them to our Facebook group that we have for Expats living in this building and ALL the feedback we received from people who changed to using AAA-Fixit has been VERY positive.
I can recommend this company to any person(s) and/or companies needing this type of services, these guys are very professional and arrive on time!!!!