AAA Fix-It Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – FAQs2018-02-27T18:57:37+08:00

Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Naturally, you may have questions about the way we work with you, how we achieve results, and what you can expect from working with AAA Fix-It.
Here’s a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” about just that, if you have a question not listed here? Please use the Ask Question button to submit your question to us.

Do you do Private or Commercial work?2015-06-17T01:53:46+08:00

Both! we are experienced and happy to undertake work in either sectors

Will you turn up?2015-06-17T01:53:00+08:00

Customers are key to any business and by treating them in a polite and punctual manner you build long lasting relationships, so we always turn up when we say we will.

Is the work guaranteed?2017-02-18T06:25:42+08:00

Like all respectable tradespeople we guarantee our work and in the unlikely event something was to go wrong or you were not happy we will put it right.

Can I buy a Air-Conditioner unit from you?2015-06-17T01:51:08+08:00

Yes you can. AAA Fix-It sells most brands and sizes of Air-Conditioner units for very competitive prices.

I am outside of the Kuala Lumpur area. Can you do work for me?2015-06-17T01:50:22+08:00

AAA Fix-It is currently focusing on the Kuala Lumpur market but if you have a large project you are welcome to request a quote from us even if you are outside of the area.

How do I schedule a handyman service appointment?2015-06-17T01:49:28+08:00

Contact us online or call us at 03 4043-6090. Let the staff schedule your appointments and answer your questions.

Is there a minimum time period for a handyman visit?2015-06-17T01:45:54+08:00

When a AAA Fix-It technician is dispatched to your home or office, a 1-hour minimum will apply.

Do you provide estimates for the jobs?2015-06-17T01:45:03+08:00

If the job is a short-term handyman tasks it is usually performed on an hourly basis and some other jobs are done on a fixed fee. For larger jobs we can provide you with a quotation.

How do I pay for AAA Fix-It services?2015-06-17T01:41:48+08:00

Payment should be made directly to the AAA Fix-It technician at the completion of each visit by Cheque or Cash.

In what regions does AAA Fix-It provide services?2015-06-17T01:39:57+08:00

AAA Fix-It currently is providing service in the Kuala Lumpur area. For larger projects we might go up to a radius of 50KM from Kuala Lumpur.

Will I get a estimate?2015-06-17T01:35:32+08:00

When you call our office, we will discuss your particular needs. In most cases we can give you a good time estimate over the phone. When the AAA Fix-It technician arrives at your home or office he will review the job with you to confirm the length of time and material needed to complete the job and then start working on your project. For larger residential or commercial projects we send out an estimator to create a quote.