Painting your property before renting out or selling, why is it so important?

We have helped many owners to refresh the properties they like to rent or sell. Tanking action to fix the problems of a property and doing some cosmetic work, could allow you to advertise it at a higher price and it will help to close a deal with a tenant easier.

So, why should you consider painting your property before proposing it on the market?Kuala Lumpur Painting Services for Home and Office

1. First impression makes it all.

As with most things, a good first impression is very important. Maybe potential buyers or tenants are turned off by small issues they see and it often ruins the overall appearance of the property.

2. When there is nothing but the walls, what do you look at?

If your property is empty, the walls are getting the most attention from buyers and tenants. A clean coat of paint on the walls will make an overall good impression that will help to get a positive decision. Use warm lighting when you propose a visit.

3. Better Pictures = Better Listing

Today, more than 90% of your potential tenants and buyers will conduct some online research. The common rule is that an image is worth a thousand words! A nicely painted property will give you better pictures for your listing which will increase the changes for the potential customer to choose your property.

4. Better Listing means Faster Selling or Rent out.

Especially when you rent out a property, the main cost is not the agent, but the number of weeks or months your property remains empty.
As mentioned above, a basic painting job can make the whole difference! Get a professional to assess the improvement that could be done, invest in it and enjoy higher rental or an increase selling value.

5. Last but not least, your front door should not be forgotten!

This is a important tip that we got from our real estate partners, they realized that the first words exchanged when a couple comes to visit a property, is usually about the front door, and if the comments are positive, people tend to be more positive during the visit. Don’t neglect your front door.

Painting your premises does make a big difference.