The Importance of Clean Air Filters in your Air Conditioner

Clean Air FiltersThe importance of clean air filtersResidents of Kuala Lumpur enjoy a sun-drenched and humid climate all year around. However, the soaring temperatures and humidity can become sultry and make people feel uncomfortable. Air conditioning is crucial in Malaysia, and regular service checks are an essential part of keeping AC systems running smoothly. In addition, a dirty air filter is one of the key reasons that air conditioners stop working properly. With routine replacement of the air filter on air conditioning systems, costly repairs and AC replacements are postponed. AirCon technicians can determine the right intervals between air filter replacements to ensure energy-efficient performance from any HVAC system. Ideally, air filters should be checked quarter yearly.

The Primary Purpose Of An Air Filter

Air filters keep atmospheric dust and other airborne particulates from surface buildup on an HVAC system’s fan motor, cooling coils and drip pan. Without clean air filters, a air conditioning system would soon choke on its air intake, leading to clogged coils and dirty air. Next, the forced air begins spreading microscopic air impurities inside the building. Furthermore, without a constant flow of clean air, cooling systems soon overheat and automatically shut off. After this happens repeatedly, the overloaded system may break down entirely. Moreover, the ratio of air pressure change across an air filter affects the system’s performance. A dirty air filter requires more power to push the air through, which leads to an overworked HVAC system and higher energy bills.

Can A Clean Air Filter Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Air filters are designed to provide varying amounts of air purification inside a home. Alternately, the air filter that cleans the air before it enters the HVAC unit is designed to help the HVAC equipment, not the humans who live or work inside a building. Specific types of filters are designed to block small, medium or large particulates from harming HVAC units.

Indoor Air Carries Many Of The Following Pollutants And Allergens:

  • Dust and pollen
  • Animal dander
  • Dead skin flakes
  • Insect proteins
  • Bacteria and Viruses
  • Pesticides and lead
  • Molds and fungal spores
  • Soot and outdoor pollution

Under normal use conditions, air filters need changing every 3 month to maintain peak performance from HVAC equipment. It makes good sense to schedule regular checkups and routine maintenance with an AAA Fix-It Air Conditioning service technician. Keeping your Air Conditioning system in its optimum working order is easy, and AAA Fix-It helps home and business owners by offering special discounts on maintenance agreements. Call our friendly and professional team at AAA Fix-It with your Air Conditioner service needs today!

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