Why you should stay away from DIY electric works

2018-03-07T09:57:06+08:00March 1st, 2018|

Why you should stay away from DIY electric works The first reason is quite obvious: Electrical shocks! If you are not properly trained and aware of safety procedures, chances to be electrocuted are very high. Electrical wiring is a safety hazard, but not if it's done right the first time around, and

Is your house killing you?

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Air passes through dust filters prior to being cooled at the cooling coil and blown out from the air conditioner. Dust filters are usually intended to remove larger particles that would foul the cooling coil and aren't effective at removing small airborne particles.

AAA Fix-It launches a newly redesigned website

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AAA Fix-It is proud to launch our newly redesigned website, www.aaa.my. We have redesigned it with you in mind, streamlining menus, simplifying navigation, building a responsive layout for all platforms and providing more resources and information on our products and services.